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Instructions to replicate/install, and configure CommonsCloud

A step by step howto replicate CommonsCloud

1. Install Ansible

We use Ansible to provision our servers.
Before we begin you need to install Ansible and do some configurations on youw workstation/Laptop

2. Employ server monitoring with Zabbix

A handful of servers can be difficult to monitor. We use Zabbix to monitor events on the servers and manage alerts.
Continue to set up a Zabbix server

3. Build a backup server

We use borg-backup to make incremental backups of important data on our servers.
Configure the backup server.

¡¡Checkpoint !!

Before continuing you should have.

  1. Created a user with sudo permission on a server
  2. Added the server to the Zabbix host list
  3. Created a borg archive

4. Install LDAP provider and web interface

CommonsCloud uses LDAP to authenticate users. The first step to replicate CommonsCloud is to install the LDAP server and the onboarding software.

Continue installing services.

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